Fantastic Day Tour to El Kab, Upper Egypt

We enjoy leading guided tours to all of the well-known tourist sites as much as everyone else. But, it's also great fun to go somewhere a bit different. We took a small group on a day tour to El Kab about 80 miles south of the famous Egyptian city of Luxor.

We were all very excited about this trip and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

El Kab consists of prehistoric and ancient Egyptian settlements, rock cut out tombs, temple remains from the early dynastic period to the Ptolemic Kingdom as well as the walls of a Coptic monastery.

One of the most interesting things at El Kab is the abundance of

petroglyphs which date from pre dynastic to Islamic times, and also hieroglyphs if varying dates. Originally thought to be modern graffiti they are actually texts describing the inhabitants of the village of El Kab.

There are also some important tombs including that of Sobekhakt II credited with saving the 16th or 17th dynasty from the forces of the Kingdom

of Kush.

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