Luxor Adventures

Luxor is host to one of the biggest open air museums in the world with some of the most amazing discoveries being found in Luxor!

With people like Howard Carter, Balzoni, Lucy Duff Gordon and just recently Leverson Wood, adventurers who have changed the way we see and uncover this amazing city,

We don't want you to just see Luxor we want you to live it. To help you do that we have put together some once in a life time adventures so you can see this amazing place as we feel it should be experienced....

Site Seeing

Take A step back in time and join us on a site seeing tour of ancient Thebes part of the largest open air museum in the world. Luxor is truly breathtaking

Explore & choose what you would like to see and we will put together the perfect adventure for you!

Riding Adventure

Come and feel like Lawrence of Arabia by taking an adventure on one of our riding tours. You can choice a Camel - Horse or Donkey 

Tells more of what your looking for and we will make it happen 

Cycling Adventure

Come with us on a cycling adventure around some of the remote parts of Luxor from the acient sites to the local farming plantations we can show you a truly unquie side to Luxor

Want to know more drop us an email 

Hiking Adventure

Adventures are tailored for all abilities. we will take you an adventures through the banana fields to the Theban Hills there is so much to see!

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