Site Seeing Luxor

This amazing city has seen some of the biggest discoveries of all time. with the best known being Tutenkhamun. Host to the largest open air museum in the world where will yur adventure take you! 


Taking you on a journey to see the final resting place of some of the most famous pharaohs in history!

Taking a tour round the Valley of The Kings - Temple Of Hatsheput and the Colossi Of Memnon.


Take a step back in time to see the real driving force behind the pharaohs of Egypt with a look at the Valley of the Nobles - Der El Medina & The Temple of Medinat Habu

Temples Of The East 

Luxor is host to many amazing temples and tombs but the best of these is arguably the temples of Karnak & Luxor .

Let us take you on a tour back in time to visit the temples & the Pharaohs that built them.

Luxor Temple At Night

Come with us to experience this amazing temple at night.

You can feel the ecos of the past vibrate through this amazing place giving you a taste of what life may of been like a thousand years ago.

Museums Of Luxor

If the magnificent temples and tombs were not enough come with us on a journey through history with our Luxor Museum tour.

We will take you to see the wonders of Luxor museum then on to the mysteries within the mummification museum.

St Tawdros Monastery

Come journey with us in to the desert to see the Monastery ofSt Tawdros (El Mohareb's).

This amazing place is host to Coptic nun's and was built using some of the stone from the near by temples! 

It is truly unique and well worth a visit

Dendera & Abydos

Let us take you on an adventure of the amazing temples of Dendrea and Abydos.

Dendera is known for it's depiction of the zodiac and Abydos for being one of the oldest sites in Egypt

Gebel Silsila

Journey outside of Luxor to the little visited place of Gebel Silsila where you will find ancient quarries and a small temple to the Pharaoh Horemheb

El Kab

A little known site that is located outside of Luxor. Set back in a desert setting you can find a mix of tombs and temples that you wouldn't even know where there!

Rameses II & Seti I

Two of Egypt most well known Pharaohs. we will take you on a journey to their unique temples situated on the West Bank of Luxor and show you why these two men where so great!

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