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For more information on this amazing charity please click on the link below for more information:
​But we don’t stop there!!

We want to ensure that not only do the local people

benefit but so to does the local environment as we want
to ensure that not only we get to see the wonders that
Egypt has to offer but also too do our great grandchildren!

One of the ways we do this is to lead by example when our customers are on visits we ensure that our vehicles engines are switched off until our customers are ready to move on to there next destination; sounds simple doesn’t it! but when you have at least 50 buses – mini buses & taxis with there engines running not only is the atmosphere full of the fumes but also the vibrations from the vehicles is coursing damage to all the Ancient Sites!

If you have been to Luxor you will have experienced the

hassle from taxi drivers & Calesh drivers constantly
pestering you to take them; this can not only be a really
pain but can ruin a holiday so we decided to lead an 
inishative to help these local people by only using them
for the trips between Luxor & Karnak Temples; if every
tour company did the same not only would it help the local people & animals but also the local environment and lessen hassle on the streets.

We also support a local charity here in Luxor called ACE; this amazing charity not only helps take care of the animals here in Luxor who have been abused or over worked but also helps to reeducate the people on how to take care of there animals. This service is vital and has helped change the way locals treat there animals making life better for them.

Our commitment to the local people & environment is something that is very important to us here at Always Egypt. When you visit places like Luxor where there is no industry you realize just how vital it is for money to be fed back in to the communities here.

For many years the larger tour operators have ignored this and outsourced the larger companies instead of using the local companies who rely on tourism just to survive; even going as far as employing people to work outside of the area instead of giving local jobs to local people!

Always Egypt have taken this matter to heart; so our promise is to only ever use local people for all our tours & transport needs ensuring that the money you spend stays in the local communities.
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They don’t stop there they also have gone as far as helping to educate the local children by taking school trips in to the center and teaching them how to look after the animals and how important it is.

We where so touched by the story of a little donkey named Blossom who was looking for a home we decided we could do more so adopted little Blossom who is now very happy living with us to find out more on that story click on the picture of Blossom.

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