How To Get Out & About In Egypt​
Or may be a desert adventure is more for you?

All over the desert regions you can arrange a 4×4 or camel to take you from one city to the next! Getting around Egypt is only as limited as you want it to be!!!

If you would like more information about how to get around or to book transport with us contact us today,

If your wanting to see more of the country you could try getting about by train; the trains in Egypt run from Alexandria straight down to Aswan stopping at all the major cities along the way. You can choose from 1st Class or 2nd Class; there is even a sleeper train so you can take a break as train journeys can be rather long if you consider it a 10 hour ride from Cairo to Luxor.

here for train schedules

A lot of people who visit Egypt often ask what is the best way to get around? I say it depends on what type of experience your wanting while on holiday!

You can stick with the conventional tour operator transfers or taxi services but you can also think outside the box and try some of the other fun alternatives!

For instance why not try a public car in all cities they have micro buses for getting about and all have a fixed destination so for a few pence you can travel around the city mingling with the locals!

Or you could try a calesh (horse drawn carriage) this can be a very unique experience as you will have to haggle for a good price before even getting in to one! again it all adds to the experience if you find them to harsh for you just walk away yes they may follow you but a few meters away you will find another one willing to take you instead!
Or how about a horse ride? 

If you like horses and horse riding, and are looking for a fun time, then this is the choice for you.

​Horse riding takes place on the West bank of Luxor. Send us an email, and then we can guide you to the best stable in town. There is a horse for everyone, whether your a beginner or not. 

Here there are different routes that you can take, depends on what you like. If you want to go up in the desert, or around the fields, the ride is guaranteed to give you your sightseeing fix, with the addition of a great time on the horse!

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But an engine isn´t the only way to get around! You just have to be creative.

In Luxor there is the POW Pop Up Walk, Hosted by our very own Lesley Hammam. The Pow is a walk around Luxor that takes place every Monday, alternating from the East bank of Luxor, to the West bank. On the East bank the walk takes you around the city, so you can get a real sense of local life here, with the stunning scenery of the ancient temples around Luxor. There are different routes that you take, some takes you through the Spinx avenue all the way to Karnak temple, and another route takes you to the ACE (Animal Care Egypt) the animal hospital. On the West bank the walk will take you to the country side, walking on small roads and through banana fields, to some of the sites like Colossi of Memnon. 

 The POW walk is free of charge and it´s a great way to meet other foreigners, local people, and to see Luxor in a different way. You can read more on the POW Facebook page

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