​Although a relatively small town by Egyptian population standards, Luxor is quite extensive and is best divided up into several ‘districts’ or areas that group the main attractions on their respective sides of the river Nile:

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Luxor is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings — consider printing them all.

Luxor (Arabic: أَلْأُقْصُر ‎ Al ‘Uqṣur)the name of “Luxor” Mean “Palaces”, is the premier travel destination in Upper (southern)Egypt and the Nile Valley. The dynastic and religious capital of Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom Egypt, Luxor has much to offer the traveler  from vast temples, to ancient royal tombs, via spectacular desert and river scenery and a bustling modern life.

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​The old capital of Egypt, Thebes, was on the West bank of
the Nile. That is where most of the ruins and tombs are.

The modern city of Luxor is on the East bank. That area has

the train and bus stations, most of the hotels and
restaurants, some museums, tourist shops and so on.
Most visitors (and almost all tour groups) stay on the East bank and travel across for the tourist sites but, in recent years, there has been an increase in hotels on the West bank and many independent travelers stay there.
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